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CEO/ President & General Manager Dr. Tawfiq A. Al-Swailem


§     Ph.D. in Economics,Washington University, USA

§     High Diploma of Economics,    Economic Institute, Colorado University,

§     High Diploma in Auditing From Arthur Anderson

§     Certified Public Accountant.

§     Licensed Economic Consultant .

§     Legal Arbitrator Certified by Ministry Of Justice.


Professions & Present Business:


§ CEO/ President Of Gulf bureau for research & economic consultation

§     Chairman Of  Amjad Investment Co.

§     CEO /President  Of Al-Swailem consulting group             

§     The International Member  of AGN International in Saudi Arabia.

§  The INternatioanl Member  of msi International in Saudi Arabia.

§  The Internatioanl Memebr of Refferal International Uk

§     Board Of Directors Member for some Saudi COs.

§     Chairman of Awasir Charitable Society for External  Saudi Families .

§     Legal Arbitrator Certified by Ministry Of Justice.

§ chairman and board member of several companies and charities

§  Supervisor for various economic studies& 2038 field surveys ,including more than 1000 factories ,108 closed joint stock Companies & more than 36 hospitals & Medical Compounds…Plus so many others in various investment fields in Services , Organizational ,Industrial ,Real Estate Or Tourism.




Member of Many busienss Council in the Saudi Chambers of Commerce:


Active member in various Business Councils organized by Saudi Chambers Council so as  to strengthen mutual economic  relations between Saudi Arabia & These countries in various fields especially commercial ,industrial & investment projects. These Business Councils aim at developing & strengthening relations between Business Society in Saudi Arabia & these Countries.





1.Saudi-Chinese Business


6.Saudi-Korean Business Council

2.Saudi-Japanese Business


7.Saudi - Singaporean Business Council

3.Saudi-Malesian Business


8.Saudi – Turkish Business Council

4.Saudi - Spanish Business


9.Saudi-Indian Business Council Member& Ex-Representative.

5.Saudi - British Business


10.Saudi – MalysianSociety Consultant



§ Editor in many Saudi NewsPaper such as  :Riyadh Newspaper, Al Jazera Newspaper, AlIgtisadiah  Newspaper, Okaz  Newspaper, Plus so many other  Magazines. Chambersof Commerce Magazines:Riyadh ,estern  Region ,  Makkah , Dubai Chamber Of commerce megazine ,

§ some Saudi Media & Gulf Magazines in the economic & Investment fields.

§  Partisipate in many  Tv Channels  , TV  Interviews concerning social , charitable  Business or discussing  Economic & Investment Issues.

§  Socia active in Charitable , Relief  & Social Businesses.  Awasir External  Saudi Families Charitable  Society , & member in various  Charity Associations in Saudi Arabia.





Professional Associations Membership:



Member of many Local & international organisations:-



§  The Arab Union for Public Accountants (Beirut)

§  Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants                    

§  Saudi Economic Association

§  Saudi Management Association

§  The British Institute of Management   

§  The American Economic Association – U.S.A.

§  The Institute of Internal Auditors in the U.S.A

§  American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

§  The Institute of Internal Auditors –UK & Ireland

§  Saudi Chambers Council Consultation Commission Member.

§    Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Consultation Commission Member. 



Training Courses :


§     Participated in various training Courses & programes as an example the folloing:

§     Ourse in Economics , Economic Institute Universal of Colorado.

§      Comprehensive Practical Auditing ourse , Arter Anderson Company, Chicago, 1979.

§  Bahrainy Bankers Training Course, Bahrain Training Center,1984 , So do Advanced Training& Investment Analysis Course ,1982 , in same Bahrain Training Center.



Company  Address :


Gulf Bureau for Researches & Economic Consultations

Riyadh , Olaya Street, Rubaiyat Building ,5th Floor

TEL: +966 114655370

FAX: +966 114631045

P.O.BOX: 92658

RIYADH: 11663